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  • exceptional physical therapy

    I really want to thank you for the exceptional care that was provided to me by Dr. Mohamed Elkalea, physical therapist at Manual physical therapy clinics. The physical therapy which I have received exceeded my expectations and I could not have been happier with the treatment.

  • Dr. Mohamed Elkalea is the best

    Dr. Elkalea was courteous and very friendly. He answered all my questions and concerns. I had physical therapy before but I never felt more comfortable and convinced that I made the right choice by coming to his office. He took his time and treated me with cold laser and other things and I was completely relieved in only 6 visits. Again thank you Dr. Elkalea

    Juanita  T.

  • recommend Manual Physical Therapy Clinics

    I would recommend Manual Physical Therapy Clinics to anyone with sports injury who really wants to have an effective physical therapy and get back to practice sports as quickly as possible.  Dr. Elkalea is very knowledgeable and experienced physical therapist and he applies the highest quality physical therapy. I am really pleased that I chose Manual Physical Therapy Clinics for my rehabilitation.

    Luis G

  • Thank you

    I am pleased and happy that I made the choice of going to manual physical therapy clinics and I am telling everyone I know to make Dr. Elkalea the first choice should they need physical therapy. I had sever back and neck pain and tried chiropractic, pills, etc. and I did not feel any improvement at all and a friend of mine told me about manual physical therapy clinics and when I went there the first time I knew this place is going to be different. The therapy session was about an hour and they worked on my neck and back every time.

  • Thank you

    I would like to say thanks to Manual Physical Therapy Clinics and Dr. Elkalea for everything he did for me. I had injured my ankle few weeks ago and was unable to walk or tolerate any weight and when I came to MPTC I found an exceptional level of care and I was able to get back to my normal life in just 3 weeks. Again thank you Dr. Elkalea
    Peter G.

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