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Workers Comp/Injuries

Work Injuries

Manual Physical Therapy Clinics specializes in Workers' Compensation cases. We incorporate Advanced Clinical Reasoning and Manual Therapy techniques with Work Transition Training and Home Exercise Prescription to provide the most appropriate treatment for an employee's injury.

    When an employee has a musculoskeletal injury keeping the employee from returning to work, it is routine practice for orthopedic doctors to recommend a physical therapy program. The purpose of the physical therapy program is to assist the injured employee to restore function, to restore the pre-injury level of mobility, to control pain, and to limit or prevent permanent physical disability. This can be accomplished with physical therapy providing both range of motion exercises and strengthening exercises.



  The program helps patients after injury and prior to return to work in order to evaluate their readiness to return to normal work duties. Evaluations may include assessment of the patient's ability to, lift, push, pull or drag, and his/her level of endurance. Ergonomic assessments are designed to create a safe, comfortable, and efficient work environment for the worker. Ergonomic assessments can be completed at our outpatient rehabilitation center. The therapist interviews the patient and evaluates the person's work station set-up or evaluates the worker in the process of doing their job.     

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