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Soft Tissue Mobilization

    Soft Tissue Mobilization

Joint mobilizations and manipulations

are slow or high speed movements that are applied with our hands to your joints. You can liken it to “Massaging” a joint and the results are immediate - reduced pain, stiffness and inflammation; decreased joint wear and tear; improvements in disc nutrition and the brain’s ability to safely perceive and move that joint. The bottom line is better movement and improved function!

Soft-Tissue Mobilization

Injuries generally result in some degree of soft-tissue change in which the muscles can become inflamed and thickened after the injury. If not addressed correctly, painful knots called tender and trigger points can develop. These can cause pain to be referred into other areas.
It is essential to manually mobilize this soft tissue (e.g. muscle) to resolve inflammation and prevent and break up these scar tissues and trigger points. MPTC has hand crafted its own unique massage tools which easily “Iron-out” these deep, thickened knots in your muscles to reduce your pain and improve your function!

Nerve Mobilizations and Nerve Regeneration Techniques

      MPTC reduces pain by utilizing modern pain science theories to isolate and move the nerves along their journey through muscles and tissue. The nerves are freed up - like moving dental floss through the teeth - which greatly enhances their regenerative abilities.
Nerve mobilization effects can be likened to “reformatting” the nerve by improving circulation, changing the chemical properties of the nerve and the health of the tissue that the nerve supplies. Nerve mobilizations provide great benefits to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and many other nerve disorders that cause pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, and in-coordination and are essential following any spinal or nerve surgery.

   Research has shown that the best benefits are gained when manual therapy and specific exercises are incorporated together into the treatment program. We teach highly specific exercises that progress as the patient does. These include core strengthening, muscle imbalance corrections and joint control techniques that stabilize the joints and greatly improve outcomes and patient compliance.



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